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      From the blog...

      Lemon Plum Goodness for a Mid-Winter Salad

      The minute I spied these bright little pesticide-free Chilean Lemon Plums, with their vibrant canary yellow skin and blushing scarlet pointed tails, ta-da! Immediate salad inspiration! The perfect way for us chilled Minnesotans to break up the mid-winter below-zero blues is to make a delicious salad chock full of color, vitamin A, vitamin C and all of the rich antioxidant filled plums, greens, blueberries and walnuts! I have been craving my Blueberry Basil Dressing lately, so...

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      Rev Up Your Immune System with Citrus

      The colors of these delightful salad ingredients will not only please your eyes, but their essence also wakes up every cell in your body & refreshes your spirit! Share this lovely Pomegranate & Citrus Salad with your family & friends! Enjoy!  

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      Spinning a Salad Tale 2 Ways

        Seasonal Ingredients for our salads Salads On A Stick for a healthy apetizer! The Table Scapes A Composed Salad  The Buffet or Family Style Salad  Shopping List & Recipes!               

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      A Tisket a Tasket, Gift a Friend a Salad Basket...

      This is a great, creative way to gift a few, good friends a "Salad Luncheon." All you need is a cute, little basket and 6 mason jars filled with some yummy Autumn salad ingredients (recipe below) and a bottle of Salad Girl Crisp Apple Maple Dressing. Voila! An Autumn salad luncheon for 6. The Honey Crisp Apple was developed by the University of Minnesota and is grown in Minnesota. Its most unique quality is the extremely crisp...

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      A Spooky, Little Halloween Party

      Salad Girl is so proud to introduce you to Mandy McGregor . Mandy has signed on with us as one of our new contributing Life Style Bloggers. We were imediately attracted to Mandy's beautiful tablescape styling on Pinterest and quickly fell in love with her fresh new approach to telling the Salad Girl Story for us in her photographs! As a twenty-somthing wife & mama, Mandy is navigating life in the Midwest with her husband and 3 little...

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      Fresh Fall Fig Salad

            With the leaves changing and their colors peaking, a certain crisp smell of autumn fills the air.  Picking the last of the green tomatoes, I'm anxiously awaiting the brussles and then it's time to clean out the garden and make ready for the cold weather to come. I look forward to this "sweater weather" and welcome foods that are harvested in the fall such as winter squash, pumpkins, apples, pears, and "fresh...

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