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      Wild Fish Tacos & Tangy, Dapple Dandy Plum Slaw

      Summertime is Salad Time, and here at Salad Girl we love coming up with new, unique, seasonal salads-- especially when we can stretch our ingredients to create more than one delicious meal for you and your family.   Last week, we introduced you to our favorite local fisherman and St. Paul Native, Matt Oxford. We purchased some of Matt's salmon at the White Bear Lake Farmers Market and made a yummy, grilled salmon salad. Then, we had...

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      Enjoy a Delicious Spring Green Apple Salad

          Spring is the perfect time to savor a healthy, beautiful, and delicious organic Salad Girl Salad!  Just print out this simple recipe, shop for all the ingredients in the refrigerated produce area of your favorite market, and voila!   

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      Minted Melon Spring Salad

      Arugula, Mache, Dandelion Greens, Pea Shoots and Water Cress are some of my favorite Spring Greens, and I can't wait to start celebrating Spring with them!  As I visit my local co-op, I'm starting to find fresh greens in all their glory. These greens inspire me. I love to make use of each one in my Spring salads.  For a new Easter Brunch serving idea, I decided to use some darling little clay flower pots...

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      Lemon Plum Goodness for a Mid-Winter Salad

      The minute I spied these bright little pesticide-free Chilean Lemon Plums, with their vibrant canary yellow skin and blushing scarlet pointed tails, ta-da! Immediate salad inspiration! The perfect way for us chilled Minnesotans to break up the mid-winter below-zero blues is to make a delicious salad chock full of color, vitamin A, vitamin C and all of the rich antioxidant filled plums, greens, blueberries and walnuts! I have been craving my Blueberry Basil Dressing lately, so...

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      Rev Up Your Immune System with Citrus

      The colors of these delightful salad ingredients will not only please your eyes, but their essence also wakes up every cell in your body & refreshes your spirit! Share this lovely Pomegranate & Citrus Salad with your family & friends! Enjoy!  

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