Organic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Blended Cold to Preserve Nutrients & Freshness for Homemade Taste
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      From the blog... — Salad Girl Sassy Slaw Dressing

      Welcome our new Nutrition Health Coach!

         Hey Salad Girl family!                                                                      My name is Crystal Herrington, and I'm Salad Girl's new Nutrition Health Coach. I'm here to help give you practical nutrition advice and showcase how Salad Girl has fresh, healthy, and healing organic ingredients that are a...

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      St Paddy's Day 2020

        Because I am a proud Irish Girl, maiden name is Sullivan, March is usually my favorite wearing & eating of the greens month. It is usually time for a celebration, doing an Irish Jig, and embarrassing my grandkids. This year is so different from any other year. And, today was different & stranger than any other day I have lived. This day has brought a lot of sadness to our city, state, and country. ...

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      Think Outside Your Salad Bowl

      Give your taste buds a surprise - try Salad Girl Organic Dressings with your Lettuce wraps, Sandwiches, Egg dishes, Tacos, and Burgers. Follow us on social media, and let us know how you like the recipes below -- write us a review/ comment or send a direct message.  The links for Salad Girl's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are located on our homepage.   We'd love to hear from you :)  

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      Score Big: Scrumptious Super Bowl Spread

      Getting geared up for the big game? Prepare to be bowled over with Salad Girl's Super scrumptious line up of healthy munchies, finger-foods, and party dips. The Game Plan: Kick off your Super Bowl Party with our a-peeling plate of crunchy, oven roasted sweet potato & beet crisps. Serve with a delicious Buffalo Sauce whisked up with Salad Girl's Sassy Organic Dressing & Lucky's Hot Sauce.  Lucky's sauces are Salad Girl's local partner of the month. Lucky's is owned...

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      Our Local Surf & Turf Salad

      What a better way to begin 2020 then to grill up some local Coastal Sea Food wild caught shrimp & a delicious tenderloin cut of Minnesota's thousandhillslifetimegrazed. grass fed beef, and to make a delicious & healthy for the new year Surf & Turf Salad!  Just arrange the grilled surf and turf upon a beautiful nest of freshly picked Minnesota greenhouse grown Revol Greens (Medford MN), add some sweet slices of Bushel Boy Bubba Tomatoes, and then...

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      Happy Healthy Holidays

      Need some healthy, delectable inspiration for your holiday gatherings? Give these tasty recipes a try...      

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