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  • Score Big: Scrumptious Super Bowl Spread

    Getting geared up for the big game? Prepare to be bowled over with Salad Girl's Super scrumptious line up of healthy munchies, finger-foods, and party dips.

    The Game Plan: Kick off your Super Bowl Party with our a-peeling plate of crunchy, oven roasted sweet potato & beet crisps. Serve with a delicious Buffalo Sauce whisked up with Salad Girl's Sassy Organic Dressing & Lucky's Hot Sauce.  Lucky's sauces are Salad Girl's local partner of the month. Lucky's is owned by our friend, Mark Porisch, of North Mankato. We love the perfect kick of flavor this hot sauce gives our recipes especially when making buffalo chicken wings or cauliflower wings. It's definitely a touch-down of flavor! 

    We follow up that perfect play with a dip made with Salad Girl's new Dude Ranch Dressing all whisked up with some local blue cheese and crispy bacon - taste buds tackled by an amazing blitz of yum! Yes, this dippin' sauce makes the perfect accompaniment for spicy Buffalo chicken wings, potato chips, and veggies!

    We haven't forgotten our flexitarian and vegetarian friends~ if only cauliflower had wings... Well, check out this spicy and finger lick'n good substitute~ Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. We served up these fun, faux chicken wings with a bowl of *Lucky & Sassy Buffalo Sauce, some Salad Girl Dude Ranch dressing & dip, and a platter filled with cool and crispy raw organic celery sticks, jicama sticks, sugar snap peas, & raw cauliflower bites. 

    If half time comes & your team is still hungry, don't drop the ball. Make a delicious sheet pan of toasted:

    • Reuben's (corned beef & Alemar cheese)
    • Rachel's (organic turkey pastrami & Alemar Cheese)
    • Ruby's (vegan pastrami & vegan cheese)

    Score big this Super Bowl with Salad Girl and our local Minnesota flavor friends!


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