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      • A Wedge Pizzagreement

        When we heard the buzz about the Wedge & Linden Hills crafting some frozen organic pizza dough we got excited, but when we found out that the Wedge and Linden Hills are crafting a ready to bake organic pizza crust, I have to admit,  I was out of my chair with...

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      • Pulses + Sunflower Seeds = Complete Protein

        During the cold & snowy Midwinter months, it is hard to just run to the grocery store, so I do a lot of dipping into what I call our staples or our "Pantry Foods" that we always have on hand: dried beans, pulses ( e.g. lentils, chickpeas, and beans ), legumes,...

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      • Easy Pleasy Heart Healthy Salad

        Celebrate Valentine's Day and nourish the ones you love by making this Easy Pleasy, delicious, and pretty Love Beet Salad.  Just 5 simple ingredients and Voila~Dinner. Easy Add-Ons: ~ Roasted Wild Caught Shrimp ~ Bare Roasting Chicken Bites ~ Grilled Salmon...  

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      • Super Bowl with Salad Girl

        Salad Girl Organic Dressings for the Super Bowl? Definitely!  How about featuring our Lemony Herb in your veggie dip? How about our Chile Limon in your Chili Queso Dip? or Our Citrus Splash in delicious Egg/Tofu Salad Romaine Wraps? The fans will love all the creative, healthy Salad Girl options......

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      • Focus on Healthy Eating in 2019

        Whether you're eating Whole30, plant-based, ovo-vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free in 2019, Salad Girl has amazing, lip smacking options for you. Check out the delectable recipes below to keep you healthy and feeling energized, and keep in mind you only need a little drizzle of Salad Girl to give you great...

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    Salad Girl News Bites...

    A Ready to Bake Wedge Co-op Pizzagreement-recipe here:-)


    "Revol"-utionary Locally Grown Greens 

    Check out Kare11 Saturday Morning Show   

    PARTNERS IN GREENS: Local Greens & Salad Girl  

    Crafting salads with locally grown greens year round in the Midwest has always seemed like fantastical thinking. But now, this fantasy is reality thanks to some amazing, innovative farmers. Revol Greens  (located in Medford, MN) and BrightFarms (located in Rochelle, IL)  greenhouses are growing pesticide-free, GMO-free greens 365 days a year. Salad Girl is excited to partner with both companies. Their beautiful greens will be featured in many of our Midwest tasting demos.

    REVOL Greens and Salad Girl Organic Dressings are in Kowalski's Markets, Lunds and Byerlys, Jerry's Foods, Coborn's Markets, many MN Hy-Vee stores, and Cub Foods.

          Bright Farms and Salad Girl are in Mariano's throughout Chicagoland & select Metro Market stores in WI - Enjoy!  

     Salad Girl is so honored to be one of the food finalists in Mpls St.Paul Magazine's 2018 "Made in the North"contest!