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      • Think Outside Your Salad Bowl

        Give your taste buds a surprise - try Salad Girl Organic Dressings with your Lettuce wraps, Sandwiches, Egg dishes, Tacos, and Burgers. Follow us on social media, and let us know how you like the recipes below -- write us a review/ comment or send a direct message.  The links...

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      • Score Big: Scrumptious Super Bowl Spread

        Getting geared up for the big game? Prepare to be bowled over with Salad Girl's Super scrumptious line up of healthy munchies, finger-foods, and party dips. The Game Plan: Kick off your Super Bowl Party with our a-peeling plate of crunchy, oven roasted sweet potato & beet crisps. Serve with a delicious...

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      • Our Local Surf & Turf Salad

        What a better way to begin 2020 then to grill up some local Coastal Sea Food wild caught shrimp & a delicious tenderloin cut of Minnesota's thousandhillslifetimegrazed. grass fed beef, and to make a delicious & healthy for the new year Surf & Turf Salad!  Just arrange the grilled surf and turf...

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      • Happy Healthy Holidays

        Need some healthy, delectable inspiration for your holiday gatherings? Give these tasty recipes a try...      

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      • NEW - Salad Girl Organic Caesar Dressing

        If you love Caesar salads, you'll love our new, dairy-free, gluten-free, and of course, organic Salad Girl Creamy Caesar Dressing.  Give it a try. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Let us know what you think, and share your Salad Girl Creamy Caesar creations with us.  

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    Our Pomegranate Pear and Citrus Splash Dressings are Whole 30. All our dressings are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free -- Keto and Paleo friendly too :)

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