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  • St Paddy's Day 2020


    Because I am a proud Irish Girl, maiden name is Sullivan, March is usually my favorite wearing & eating of the greens month. It is usually time for a celebration, doing an Irish Jig, and embarrassing my grandkids. This year is so different from any other year.

    And, today was different & stranger than any other day I have lived.

    This day has brought a lot of sadness to our city, state, and country.  I don't feel like celebrating, especially after listening to Governor Walz, Andrew Zimmern, Stephanie Shimp, and John Puckett speak sadly today about the emergency order and the importance of closing down of all of our places of gathering, restaurants and pubs. My heart broke. It breaks for all of them.

    When I feel hopeless, I tend to spiral, and then I know I need to get out my grateful list. 

    I am so grateful to all of the Twin Cities Restaurateurs who have provided us all with places to gather and to celebrate our lives. Thank you for creating and sharing your hospitality with all of us. Thank you, Twin Cities Chefs, for providing our communities with the diversity, colors, and flavors of the world. We are praying for help for your health, financial help for your survival, for your strength, & for your perseverance.

    This is the perfect time to pay homage to a local "pot of gold" located right here in NE Minneapolis called the Food Building.

    The Food Building has been described as "a dazzling cornucopia of handcrafted expertise and an edible microcosm of the talent gathered under the roof of the Food Building, that northeast Minneapolis enclave that’s home to three national-caliber artisan food producers: Red Table Meat Co., Baker’s Field Flour & Bread and Alemar Cheese Co….”—Rick Nelson, food reviewer Star Tribune

    Yes, we have been blessed with this wonderful hub of yum by the creative genius of a local Irishman/entrepreneur and visionary extraordinaire, Kieran Folliard. This is definitely not a new venture for Kieran. He has been blessing our Twin Cities with Irish luck and commerce for the past 2 decades by opening establishments like Kierans Irish Pub & the Local, places for us to gather, share community, drink, listen to music, and eat good local food. And, if that's not enough, Kieran, is also the inventor of the 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey Company.

    In 2019, he opened the Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis. Today this production facility hosts three of our state’s top values-driven food makers. The Food Building is home to Red Table Meat Co., Baker's Field Flour & Bread, and  Alemar Cheese Company  It is a gorgeous event facility with a lovely, cozy bar and restaurant serving up house made foods as well as a great assortment of Irish beers and whiskeys.

    Kieran tells us in his beautiful Irish lilt: "We value not only the foods themselves but the methods and intention ushered in by each maker.  Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts." 

    Thank You, Kieran! Slainte!

    This St Paddy's Day Salad is inspired by the Irish boiled supper my family used to share along with several other noisy, large, Irish Catholic families on St Paddy's day in the 1960's. Our dinner was served to us in the back room of the famous St. Paul Landmark, O'Gara's Irish Pub and Restaurant.  This traditional Irish meal consisted of boiled & buttered parsley potatoes, boiled cabbage, juicy corned beef w/ brown bread & butter. 

    My salad is a healthy, tasty twist on this dinner made with local ingredients I purchased from the Food Building as well as the Butter Lettuce grown right here in Minnesota from Revol Greens!







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