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      From the blog...

      Fresh Fall Fig Salad

            With the leaves changing and their colors peaking, a certain crisp smell of autumn fills the air.  Picking the last of the green tomatoes, I'm anxiously awaiting the brussles and then it's time to clean out the garden and make ready for the cold weather to come. I look forward to this "sweater weather" and welcome foods that are harvested in the fall such as winter squash, pumpkins, apples, pears, and "fresh...

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      An "Honorable Mention" Three Bean Salad

      I never get tired of eating fresh green beans in the summertime! I have fond memories as a child looking forward to my Grandpa Sullivan arriving at our little summer cabin with a great big bag of his freshly picked green beans for us to help him prepare for our summer supper. We would give momma a break from at least 4 of the 7 kids, and sit with Grandpa down on the dock with...

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      SALAD GIRL - American Made 2014 Finalist

                                                                                             Salad Girl is very proud to have been a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 contest.  We love the fact that so many small, family, American Made businesses received recognition...

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      Salad Girl @ Create: The Community Meal

      Salad Girl is so proud to be part of this wonderful collaboration of Food & Art in our community! We are dressing garden salads for this event with our Lemony Herb Organic Salad Dressing. The salads are being crafted with freshly harvested greens and veggies from local community gardens and being shared amongst 2,000 lucky city diners at a 1/2 mile long table stretching into the far reaches of Victoria Avenue in St. Paul. What...

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