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      From the blog... — Salad Girl Toasted Sesame & Ginger Dressing

      Inspiration for Holiday Entertaining

      Photographs often inspire our taste buds more than words this time of year. Share some Salad Girl cheer this Holiday Season with these 3 delectable recipes. Keep scrolling down to find a creative, delicious Salad Girl appetizer recipe. Relax, breathe, and enjoy family & friends.  Happy Holidays!          

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      Chillin' Out...

      This is Salad Girl's busiest season, and I think we all tend to burn the candle at both ends because it is hard to say no to so many fun events and holiday foods. Finding balance with food, family, and fun is the key to a successful holiday and I have a couple of tips to share. Food: The season brings with it all the yummy traditional treats and foods that I love to share, make...

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      Autumn Salads...

      As the leaves start to turn orange, yellow, and red, Autumn presents a hearty bounty. Fresh fennel, pears, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, figs, and squash come into their own during these cooler months and will make salads bright and fresh, warm and hearty, no matter if your salad is a main dish or an accompaniment. The addition of raw or roasted nuts, seeds, little jewel-toned bites of mixed dried fruit, and spicy rice crackers bring that extra crunch...

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      Yes, we are still Celebrating National Mushroom Month!

       "Untamed Mushrooms: From Field To Table" .  NATIONAL MUSHROOM MONTH National Mushroom Month is celebrated each year throughout the month of September. During this time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture takes advantage of the opportunity to educate people on the versatility mushrooms offer and on their health benefits. As a result, mushrooms are gaining more and more appreciation as we learn more about them. I am proud to say I found a great place to...

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      It's Stone Fruit Season

      Lots of recipes below -- keep scrolling down to find a favorite..or two...or three :) Nectarines, cherries, mangoes, apricots, peaches, and plums all fall under the name “stone fruits.” That’s because they contain large, hard seeds (relative to the size of their fruit). Feel free to call them by whatever name you please. I like to call them delicious, nutritious, and beautifully versatile! Right now is the best time to enjoy stone fruits because they...

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      Sassy Side Salads & Slaws for Summer Entertaining

      Whether you serve these delicious side salads and slaws up in a bowl for your Memorial Day picnic or at a graduation party, these salads are all sans the "mayo" so safer to set out on a buffet table! Enjoy!

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