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  • Chile Limon Mango Tango Red Quinoa Salad

    So much fun @ Linden Hills Demo making this delish Summer Red Quinoa Salad! Thanks for hosting Salad Girl Linden Hills!!!

    Salad Girl’s Chile Limon, Mango Tango Quinoa Salad- 
    2 cups each: (cooked & cooled) red quinoa, cubed fresh mango, drained black beans  
    1 cup each: chopped- green onion, cilantro, sweet red peppers, crumbled roasted almonds
    (if you like it spicy add 1tsp. chopped jalapeno pepper!)
    Toss all ingredients together with 1/2 bottle of Salad Girl’s Chile Limon Organic Vinaigrette and serve over fresh summer greens with a little more Chile Limon to taste!
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