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      From the blog... — Salad Girl Toasted Sesame & Ginger Dressing

      Wild Fish Tacos & Tangy, Dapple Dandy Plum Slaw

      Summertime is Salad Time, and here at Salad Girl we love coming up with new, unique, seasonal salads-- especially when we can stretch our ingredients to create more than one delicious meal for you and your family.   Last week, we introduced you to our favorite local fisherman and St. Paul Native, Matt Oxford. We purchased some of Matt's salmon at the White Bear Lake Farmers Market and made a yummy, grilled salmon salad. Then, we had...

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      An "Honorable Mention" Three Bean Salad

      I never get tired of eating fresh green beans in the summertime! I have fond memories as a child looking forward to my Grandpa Sullivan arriving at our little summer cabin with a great big bag of his freshly picked green beans for us to help him prepare for our summer supper. We would give momma a break from at least 4 of the 7 kids, and sit with Grandpa down on the dock with...

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