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  • Summer Grilling with Salad Girl

    Delicious Summer grilling recipes just in time to celebrate & to serve Dads, Poppas, Grandpas, & Poppies for Father's Day, but be mindful when you are purchasing meats, poultry, and fish to grill this Summer. Read the labels, ask your local butcher to bring in the highest quality, local, grass-fed, pastured, free-range, organic, and humanely raised choices. I purchased my Heluka pork tenderloin from Beeler's.

    Beeler's piggies are not housed in gestation crates, they are raised free range without antibiotics, growth promotants, or ractopamine. They only use pure natural spices and ingredients in their pork products, and never add MSG, sodium nitrate, or chemical preservatives. Beeler's offers it's Heluka brand of non-GMO fed pork products, verified by the Non-GMO Project. The Heluka pork upholds all of the standards for quality, purity, and welfare while also feeding the pigs a certified Non-GMO diet of corn and soybean meal.

    Happy Summer Grilling & Happy Father's Day!

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