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  • Is it SPRING yet???

    It has been really hard for Minnesotans lately weatherwise. Our Spring has not exactly sprung. Winter is still here. The ground is still frozen, and we are expecting a Winter storm this weekend. Last year on April 13th, I made salads with chives snipped from my own garden, and we celebrated a family birthday on the patioI know my whining & pining for Spring isn't going to change the weather or boost my spirit. So, I decided to change my attitude by getting out my grateful list. We weren't having a hurricane or "snow-nado," and perhaps if I put away my winter boots and down jacket, I could hoodwink myself into believing that it is Spring!! 

    I bravely donned my Spring uniform (my rubber gardening boots and raincoat) and headed out in the freezing rain to visit my favorite, local produce aisle, hoping to find some inspirational seasonal ingredients to craft a few bright, fresh, colorful Spring salads. As I grabbed my cart and turned the proverbial corner, I immediately spied the beautiful display of sunshiny, golden Honey Mangos carefully piled in a beautiful wooden basket on the produce shelf.  Bright, fresh, & ripe from Florida - a sure sign of Spring!!!  I began loading my cart with color --  mangos, strawberries, asparagus, red onions, avocados, &  a beautiful nosegay of leafy green and pink Cherry Belle radishes... all perfect ingredients for delicious Spring salads.  I have to admit this little trip to my local market really helped! I can always find solace and inspiration in the produce dept.  The seasons are apparent in produce, and today I found a little Spring!

    Have hope, stay warm, & enjoy!


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