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      From the blog...

      Slaw Season - Yay!!

      It's finally here. Summer!! We are so excited to share some new, culinary creativity for Slaw Season. Enjoy!

       Note: https://pamspepperjam.com/  -- a different Pam ;)






      Lemony Herb Salad Inspirations Galore

      So many salad ideas, so little time. This is the time of year we love to take advantage of fresh, local produce. Enjoy these recipes with your locally grown veggies and, of course, with your Salad Girl Lemony Herb Organic Dressing...



      Spring has Sprung and the Surrender Salmon is Running

      The F/V Surrender

      Salad Girl was introduced to Surrender Salmon by local foodie Weekly Dish talk show hostess and the brainchild of Makers of Minnesota Podcast, Stephanie Hansen. Stephanie suggested we reach out to see if Grant Niver would partner with us on some Spring recipes. Within a few days of our ask, I picked up some sushi grade frozen fillets of wild-caught sockeye Surrender salmon from my local fisherman.  We cooked up a tasty “Poke Minnesota Bowl” & one of the best grilled fish taco recipes you will ever taste! Stay tuned for the fish taco recipe in May. It will be perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

      Locally Sourced Salmon is definitely not the first thing that springs to mind in when perusing your local farmers market, but fisherman-owned, Twin Cities-based Surrender Salmon totally changes that perception with their booth of flash-frozen Bristol Bay wild sockeye salmon at the Mpls Farmers Market. And after meeting Grant Niver, and tasting his families amazingly fresh salmon, I believe it's not only a sustainable choice but also one of the tastiest seafood options in Minnesota. 



      Surrender Salmon is a family owned business. The company name comes from their family Fishing Vessel “Surrender,” which is owned and captained by Grant’s father, Mark Niver, and crewed by Grant and his brothers, Blake and Brice Niver.  Surrender Salmon happened to Minnesota when Grant decided to leave his home in Alaska and attend Augsburg College in Minneapolis. While in school (and Augsburg being surrounded by some of the Cities best farmers markets) Grant realized there was a market for his families high-quality, direct-from-the-fisherman, sockeye salmon right here in Minnesota.  “People want to know where their food is coming from,” he says. “That makes our business possible.” So, after getting his college degree and a full-time job in finance in Minneapolis, Grant stayed in Minnesota, but each summer he joins his father & brothers on the F/V Surrender as it plies the waters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay, the largest commercial wild salmon fishery in the world to fish.  A portion of the F/V Surrender’s catch every summer is shipped to the Twin Cities.  

        Thank You, Stephanie for the introduction, and thank you Grant for your gracious salmon offering. And, Thank You to the whole Niver family. We love knowing our fishermen!  See below the picture of Grant with the real deal & where to purchase Surrender SalmonLunds & Byerlys 

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          Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-Op

            A Wedge Pizzagreement

            When we heard the buzz about the Wedge & Linden Hills crafting some frozen, organic pizza dough, we were excited. But, when we found out the Wedge and Linden Hills are crafting a ready-to-bake, organic pizza crust, I have to admit,  I was out of my chair with car keys in hand and my snow boots on.  I drove into the big city to the Wedge Co-op to get my pizza on!!  I am in my sixties and still working full time, so the idea of the ready-to-bake crust is right up my alley! Simple, healthy convenience is pretty important in our household. I am a flexitarian eater and my fave-fellow (my husband Jimmy) is definitely an omnivore. We do a pretty good job of meal prep together: when he grills his slab of organic meat, I prepare a salad with a veggie, rice, quinoa, and/or bulgar... and then we get out the Salad Girl for a drizzle.

            When we heard the Wedge had a ready-to-bake organic pizza crust, I decided to purchase one and share it with my honey 50/50. I designed a vegan side and an omnivore side, both made with homemade pesto and then separate ingredients. After we baked the pizza and my husband saw the yummy caramelized onions with Medjool dates, he invaded my side of the crust.  He dug in and even applauded the flavor of the Upton Naturals Italian Vegan Seitan (a sausage-like plant-based protein).  I got a kick out of that. He could not tell the difference at all. Hello, Upton Naturals, my new friend:-).  Enjoy the art and the taste of compromise!

            Pulses + Sunflower Seeds = Complete Protein

            Pulses + Sunflower Seeds = Complete Protein

            During the cold & snowy Midwinter months, it is hard to just run to the grocery store, so I do a lot of dipping into what I call our staples or our "Pantry Foods" that we always have on hand: dried beans, pulses ( e.g. lentils, chickpeas, and beans ), legumes, bulgur, farro, quinoa, rice, nuts, and dried fruits. These provide ingredients for a cozy, warm winter soup or stew, but these same fixings also make wonderful ingredients for delicious, crunchy, and hearty Winter Pantry Salads. These salads are full of the right combos of grains, legumes, and nuts to give you the complete proteins you need to keep you warm and charged. 

            Whether you are a Meatless Monday devotee, a flexitarian, a vegetarian, or a full-on vegan, our pantry salad recipes will show you easy ways to combine your plant-based pantry foods to make nutritious, healthy, Winter Pantry Salads full of protein. 







            Why is making sure that you are eating enough protein so important? Protein is one of the most important components of every cell in the bodyYour body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. First off, amino acids (AAs) are the building blocks of protein. There are nine essential and 11 non-essential amino acids; essential AAs must be obtained from food sources while non-essential AAs can be made in the body. So, when it comes to complete proteins, it is the food source that contains all nine of the essential amino acids.
            Complete proteins are mostly found in animal sources and their byproducts including meat, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt, though can also be found in a few plant-based sources of protein.
            Incomplete proteins, on the other hand, do not contain all nine essential amino acids. However, pairing certain plants with limiting amino acids with another plant with different limiting AA can equate to a complete protein.
            Recognized as complementary proteins, a combination of nuts and seeds, legumes, grains, or some veggies together can produce a complete protein, so check out the combos below & get creative with your proteins!

            Easy Pleasy Heart Healthy Salad

            Nourish the ones you love by making this Easy Pleasy, delicious, and pretty Love Beet Salad.  Just 5 simple ingredients and Voila~Dinner.
            Easy Add-Ons:
            ~ Roasted Wild Caught Shrimp
            ~ Bare Roasting Chicken Bites
            ~ Grilled Salmon...