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  • Minnesota Asian Greens Salad


    *“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.  It’s very fortunate if you can work on just one of these in your career.” - Steve Jobs

    The quote above definitely holds true to the innovative patented growing technology utilized by the Living Greens Farm Folks, Faribault Mn. Living Greens Farm grows the freshest, most beautiful, lush, clean greens we have ever seen or tasted. I came across these lovely greens at one of my demos in the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market stores. I was amazed at the all of the beautiful varieties available & so happy that they were grown right here in Minnesota!

    I purchased one of each of the varieties available on the refrigerated produce shelf right below the Salad Girl Vinaigrettes. I was so excited to have such beautiful greens to prepare my little demo salads with! I served up the Upland CressAsian GreensGreen Oak Lettuce, Red Oak LettuceArugula, Red Cabbage Microgreens with all of our Salad Girl Vinaigrettes and my demo was a hit! Customers loved the the Living Greens Farm Greens varieties and freshness!

    After my demo I reached out to the Living Farms Greens folks to thank them and congratulate them on such amazing greens and was happy to have Michelle Keller, the head grower for Living Greens Farm get back to me.

    Michelle reminded me that she and I had spoken before about growing hydroponic greens in Minnesota, and then she mentioned the Labore Family Farms & then I remembered!  About 8 years ago Michelle was a running and farming her own hydroponic farm called The Labore Family Farms, named after her great-great Grandmother, Martha LaBore. Michelle and I had partnered for a couple of years with her greens and our dressings at some local co-op demos and also some farmers market demos.  

    My life in 2008 was so, so, crazy with getting into 25 grocery stores, managing production, doing demos and still going to Mill City Farmers Market. I don't remember everything and or everyone from back then, but Michelle's story really stuck out because it was one of a women's tenacity and her perseverance!  

    Hydroponics is something Michelle became interested in during college. Michelle graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a degree in biology and moved to Faribault in 2003 to fulfill her dream of starting a "dirt free farm". Pioneering a hydroponic farm in 2003 was pretty innovative stuff especially growing hydroponic greens!  It was a new industry with lots of learning curves full of trial and error. Labore Family Farms main customer base was the Twin Cities area food co-ops, restaurants and a few businesses in Northfield and Faribault Hy-Vee. Unfortunately Labore Family Farms closed a few years ago, but fortunately for us Michelle is still sharing her priceless expertise and creative energy as the "head grower" at:  Living Greens Farm in Faribault Mn.  

    Thanks for all your hard work Michelle & Keep On Growing Girl!

    A Bit About Living Greens Farm:

    *"At Living Greens Farm, we are humbled at the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.
    Our goal is to make the world a better place by delivering healthy, sustainable food with no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals. We are proud to claim we use 200 times less land, 95% less water and fertilizers; all the while using 100% less chemicals and pesticides. We are better for you; and better for the environment.  
    Living Greens Farm accomplishes our resource savings with an industry leading vertical aeroponic platform.  Plant roots need access to oxygen to absorb nutrients. The challenge with traditional soil growing methods is that oxygen is reduced by as much as 70%. However, with our technological innovations, plants receive 99.9% of the oxygen they need.
    The result? Plants grow better, faster, stronger and healthier.  
    Utilizing our patented technology, Living Greens Farm provides cost effective and efficient solutions to growing leafy greens and other produce in environmentally controlled facilities that are not subject to drought, pathogens and insects. This provides a consistent and reliable product that can be distributed on a daily basis to local markets."

    This is truly a remarkable product grown right here in Minnesota! Enjoy! 

    *Living Greens Farm site info:


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