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Your Healthy Foods deserve Healthy Dressings - delicious as Condiment, Dip, & Marinade too!
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      Easy Pleasy Momma's Day Salad

      Serves 4-6
      6 oz Mixed Spring Greens
      5 oz Blueberries
      5 oz Raspberries
      1/2 C  Parmesan, shredded or shaved
      1/2 C  Pistachios, crumbled
      Salad Girl Organic Blueberry Basil, Citrus Splash, or Pomegranate Pear Dressing
      Salad Prep:  Arrange half of greens in serving bowl, decorate with half of all ingredients, and repeat. Drizzle with Salad Girl just before serving.

      Happy Momma's Day!