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  • Tasty Tacos with Salad Girl Chile LImon

    Make some tasty tacos with Salad Girl's Organic Chile Limon, and shake up some Spring *Rhubarbaritas, ! Muy Deliciosa!

    To Prepare Rhubarbaritas:


    • Fresh organic rhubarb, as much as you have, cut into rough chunks

    • Local Honey Simple syrup (2 parts water to one part Honey, boiled until honey dissolves and liquid is clear) 


    1. Place rhubarb chunks in saucepan and cover completely with simple syrup. Simmer until rhubarb falls into threads.

    2. Cool in saucepan, then pour into cheesecloth draped in a strainer placed over a bowl. Allow to drip and then squeeze the last of the juice out of the rhubarb pulp.

    3. Cool rhubarb juice in fridge til ready to use-

    To make a Rhubarbarita: Put lots of crushed ice in a tumbler,  on top of the ice, pour equal amounts of rhubarb juice and a tasty tequila like Patron Gold and a splash of lime juice- Stir and adjust sweetness level by squeezing fresh lime into the glass.

    To make a Virgin Rhubarbarita: Put lots of crushed ice in a tumbler,  add equal parts limeade to Rhubarb juice, maybe a sparkling H20 and Enjoy!

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